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How to get into the Tuulos National Park?
The Tuulos National Park is situated in the Muezesky District of the Republic of Karelia, to the west of the settlements of Lendery and Reboly. It is possible to get into the Park through one of these settlements only. The western border of the Park coincides with the Russian-Finnish border, the Park reaches the road Reboly-Kivivaara in the north, and in the south the Park reaches the River Lieksa and approaches the road running to the Lendery-Inari cross-border checkpoint.
Lake Tuulos and the adjacent littoral territories are located in a special frontier zone where access requires for a special entry pass. But Lake Koroppiarvi, located in the eastern area of the Park, is not included in the special frontier zone and, therefore, a special entry pass is not needed. The issue of opening access to a special frontier strip between Lake Tuulos and the state border is being negotiated now.

Currently, the cross-border checkpoints of Kivivaara and Inari are used for timber export mainly.The Inari checkpoint gradually opens for tourists but the tourist traffic is still restricted. It is most comfortable to go to the untouched forest of the Muezersky District from the town of Kuhmo (Finland) through Inari. It is possible to go by boat from the villages Tuulos and Vostok. A 4WD car is the best choice for a travel in the forest. There are signposts along the roads.
At the moment, campings are being organised in the villages of Tuulos and Vostok. A small tourist centre is planned in the Lendery settlement. The office of the Park resides in the Muezerka settlement, at the Kivikoivu tourist centre. Information needed for a travel in the Tuulos National Park and assistance in its organisation can be received at the office. Discussion of questions related to transportation, guidance, fishing licenses, an entry pass to the special frontier zone (if required) can be carried out both in Russian and Finish.

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