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On the shore of Lake Paanajärvi

  • General Information about Paanajarvi National Park
  • How to reach Paanajärvi?
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  • How to reach Paanajärvi?

    Fishing on Lake Iso-Sikajärvi From the Pyaozero settlement there is a 59-km dirt road going to the Park. The settlement is accessible from three directions: from the east, south, and west. From Moscow, St.-Petersburg or Petrozavodsk you can get to the Park by following the St.-Petersburg - Murmansk highway to the Loukhi settlement or by rail to Loukhi railway station. From Loukhi there is a 110-km road to Pyaozero. A dirt road goes from the town of Kostomuksha through the Kalevala settlement to the settlement of Pyaozero (253 km). From Finland the border can be crossed at the Suoperyä-Kortesalmi cross-border checkpoint (60 km to the settlement), or at the Vartius-Lutta cross-border checkpoint. The visitor centre of the Paanajärvi National Park is located in the Pyaozero settlement (for further information see the outline map)

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