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A magnificent archipelago towers over the North Ladoga area. Its image changes depending upon the season of the year and the time of day.
Ladoga seals reign in the Ladoga Skerries, and virgin forest shelters arable land and ruins fallen into oblivion. Lofty cliffs loom over a breathtaking expanse of water in the south. In the forest, by primeval pines, you will find yourself in a wilderness where bears are met more often than people, though locals from the mainland come here to fish and pick berries. This area provides a refuge to many rare species of plant and animals.

Photo of the Park

This scenery should be preserved for future generations. A protected area with the status of either a National Park or a Nature Park will be established on the northern islands of the archipelago and the adjacent part of the mainland. The area will embrace 302 islands, a land area of 46,590 ha, and a water area of 37,980 km2. The office of the Ladoga Skerries Park operates in the town of Sortavala; it is planned to set up delegations in the towns of Pitkyaranta and Lahdenpohja.

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