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The Project is being implemented by Metsähallitus - Forest and Park Service which heads the international consortium created to implement the Project.
Subcontractors of the Project are:
1. Finnish Environment Institute (Finland)
2. Indufor Oy (Finland)
3. Kampsax International A/O (Denmark)

Компания "Metsahallitus Forest and Park Service (FPS), Consulting Services" was founded 141 years ago and has worked as a state owned enterprise since 1994. FPS consists of the following units: Forestry, New Forests (Seed and Sapling Farming), Natural Heritage Services (Nature Conservation), Metsähallitus Consulting Oy (International Consulting Services) and Wild North (Recreational Services).

The FPS administers an area which makes up a total of 8,8 million hectares (88 000 km2) of land and water, i.e. 26% of the total area of Finland. The total area of commercial forest amounts to 4.6 million hectares and the area of protected territory 4.1 million hectares including 29 National Parks. The FPS is the largest structure specialising in forestry management throughout the European Union.
In its activities, the company practices "the ecologically feasible management system" (certificate ISO 14001), which describes management methods for all operations. There are special instructions including norms and guidelines in the field of forest protection, forest fire prevention, silviculture, administration of forestry enterprises, transportation and logging enterprises, sapling farming and project implementation.

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