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Administrative functions are performed by the office workers in Petrozavodsk.

List of office workers and their positions:

  • Jouko Högmander, Team leader of the Tacis Project;
  • Pavel Shevelin, Co-ordinator of the Project from the Russian side;
  • Natalia Golovina, Office manager;
  • Aleksei Finogenov, Secretary;
  • Grigory Schogolev, Technical expert;
  • Dmitri Titkov, Interpreter;
  • Olga Tigushkina, Interpreter;
  • Vladimir Morozov, Dissemination expert;
  • Raymond Ward, Corrector;
  • Valery Mihailov, Driver.
Photos of the office staff
If you need more information about the project, please contact the former Team Leader Jouko Högmander
E-mail:  jouko.hogmander@metsa.fi
Telephone:  +358-400-826 440
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