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Overall goals:

  • To improve the livelihood of local people in the proposed parks by developing tourism and the park management;
  • To safeguard biodiversity conservation by establishing a well-developed network of protected areas in western Karelia.

Project objectives:

  • To develop a sustainable basis for the protected areas and to create new employment;
  • To disseminate information and to improve the visitor services of the protected areas;
  • Legal establishment of four new protected areas;
  • To create a basic capacity for the management of the park.


  1. Baseline study of the current socio-economic situation;
  2. Strategy for nature related tourism in western Karelia;
  3. A network of local tourism operators initiated and trained, with links across the border;
  4. Developing visitor services in each of the areas;
  5. Exhibition for the Paanajärvi Visitor Centre and some visitor services to be constructed in the parks;
  6. Information regarding the parks and Project achievements produced and disseminated;
  7. Necesssary documentation for the legal establishment of the parks prepared;
  8. Information collected for each of the parks and stored in a Geographical Information System where applicable;
  9. Five management plans completed with the participatory planning method, plans meet the best international standards;
  10. Strenghthened cross border co-operation and training park staff in park management;
  11. Tender documents and supervision of construction of the Paanajärvi Visitor Centre;
  12. The parks are supplied with the basic equipment required for running them.

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