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The purpose of the Tacis project is to develop the Paanajärvi National Park and the four proposed new parks by combining nature conservation and the promotion of nature-related tourism.

Project Title: “Karelia Parks Development”
Project Number: ENVRUS9704
Country: Russia, Republic of Karelia
  Local operator EC Consultant
Name: Government of Karelia Metsähallitus Forest and Park Service
Address: 8 Sverdlova Street 185 000 Petrozavodsk Russia Vernissakuja 4, P.O.Box 94, FIN-01 301 Vantaa
Tel. number: +7-8142-77 03 41 +358-20564 4239
Fax number: +7-8142-77 03 41 +358-20564 4401
Contact person: Boris Zhitny, Deputy Chairman of the Karelian Government Mätti Määtta, Deputy Director of Metsähallitus Consulting Oy
E-mail:   Matti.Maatta@metsa.fi
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